Keynote address

Doing Development Diffrently: An Indonesia’s Perspective by Yanuar Nugroho, PhD, Deputy Chief of Staff for Analysis and Oversight of Strategic Issues on Social, Cultural and Ecological Affairs, Executive Office of the President, Government of Indonesia

Presentation - Session 2

Improving Teacher Performance and Accountability in Indonesia's Remote Areas by Dewi Susanti – KIAT Guru Team Leader, World Bank in Indonesia

Thingking and Working Politically on Fish in Myanmar by Gerry Fox – Head of Pyoe Pin in Myanmar

Challenges in Integrating Problem-driven Approaches into Local Planning and Budgeting in Indonesia by Drs. Suyoto, MSi (Kang Yoto) – Bupati (Head of District) of Bojonegoro District

From Thingking to Working Politically in the Philippines by Jaime Faustino - Program Director, the Asia Foundation in Philippines

Presentation - Day 2

Workshop framing note and guidance

Guiding notes for breakout sessions three and four

Interesting weblinks

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